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Saturday, October 26, 2013


What a roller coaster ride we've been on this week!

If I NEVER have to do this again, it will be FINE with me...

Because there are attorneys involved now, 
I'm not supposed to share information
on FB, the blog, etc
but I know everyone wants updates

I can say that Kenny is as good as would be expected
after going head and chest first into an SUV at 40mph
He's also very frustrated at not being able to do much of anything
and I'm very frustrated at having to tell him he can't do anything!

He survived a terrible crash, but being his nurse might just do ME in! 

We appreciate your kind words, thoughts, prayers, and everything else

I talk to you guys all the time, so I know you're all awesome
but Kenny was caught off guard by how many people
were sharing in this ordeal with us

In other somewhat related news...
We are coming to the realization that 
Friday's Opening just isn't going to happen

My father-in-law has been helping us over at the shop
(thank you Ron!)
and today, he pulled out all the nasty cabinetry
in the kitchen area...

Here is what was unearthed
Yeah, it's a hot mess...
(but you know I am THRILLED about the exposed brick!)

Seems with every new project we cross off the list, 
it uncovers another 
bigger project

For example...
this is what happened when I started to peel the latex off the wood trim

it uncovered tons of old termite damage...
the building was tented (thank goodness!)
but the painters just painted right over all the damage
and the slightest bit of pressure caused the wood to crumble

Much as we are disappointed, it's the right decision
Kenny has so much stress about not being able to work
and how it will all get done...
and I just want him to focus on getting better

On the bright side, 
the front gallery is nearly done!

We are going to assess what still needs completed 
and figure out a realistic time frame
We'd rather adjust the opening date than adjust our standards
and cut corners

Our goal is a two week delay...but I will keep you up-to-date! 



  1. Only you would know what's the best decision for you. I hope Kenny is able to get back to work soon, for everyone's sake. Good luck. You'll do great.

  2. So sorry, But you will get caught up!!

  3. Hang in there - it will all come together. You have tons of people pulling for you!!

  4. It will all come together, glad your hubby is resting and yes I am sure you are exhausted. So get some rest,, we are all pulling for you. Di

  5. I can't believe all the setbacks. I'm pulling for a speedy recovery for Kenny, peace of mind and strength for you...thinking about you guys all the time& sending all my positive thoughts & love your way. Xoxo.