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Thursday, October 3, 2013


It's not unusual that we're craving color...
we're pretty fearless in that department

But lately, we've been really into high gloss enamel finishes
in bold, saturated colors

I say high gloss, because true lacquered furniture involves skills
and equipment we do not possess

Then, we discovered Lacquer Spray from Amy Howard Home

Our interest was piqued!

We picked up Begonia, a lovely hot pink that leans warm (versus blue/cold)

This mirror started off with a dated gold finish
and it's made of resin (like a very heavy, thick plastic)

The only prep work we did was to blow off the dust w the air hose
and wipe the surface clean
(after removing the glass, of course!)

Yes, I realize it's a TAD lopsided in the photo...but it was the best of the bunch!

The finish came out lovely...
very glossy!

We did three coats on this mirror
(it's a generously sized mirror at 29" x 41")
and one coat along the backside where the mirror goes in
(the part you will see reflected in the glass)

We had enough paint left to spray one small picture frame,
and ran out before starting on the second

The paint dried quickly
(unlike regular enamel!)
and seems to be quite durable

We placed it face-down on a blanket to put the glass back in
and attach the backing...
and held our breath as we flipped it over
wondering if the paint would be damaged
but there wasn't a scratch!

This product comes in a rainbow of colors,
and we will DEFINITELY be trying more!

You can purchase this mirror in our Etsy Shop

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