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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunshine and Grey Skies

Kenny and I make a pretty perfect team...

He is the perfectionist, and I'm the creative 
(in other words, he's the neat freak and I'm like a tornado!)

The beauty of our working relationship is that
we both like to do things differently
but our strengths compliment each other

Sometimes, however, we do NOT see eye-to-eye

Case in point:

This lovely dresser
(that you are only getting a preview of!)

Kenny wanted to paint it Sunshine Yellow,
one of our colors from Real Milk Paint

but we'd already done one very similar in Sunshine...
I wanted something totally different

When I suggested painting a color over it,
he wanted to do a burnt orange in honor of Autumn

I wanted to do Gypsy Pink
you know, very Boho Chic

When I suggested Grey, I got THE LOOK
(the look that means he thinks I'm crazy)

He walked away and left me to it...
(and to be fair, I wasn't sure how it would turn out!)

There is also a mirror that I wanted to leave off...
Kenny wanted to attach it

I figure  the mirror isn't permanent and the buyer can remove
if they so choose
(gotta pick your battles, you know?)

Anyway, you'll have to check back tomorrow to 
see the uber hip dresser

It's cool and modern mixed with rustic and primitive...

Hip Farmhouse :0)


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