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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pics of Picks!

We finally took a day off to go do some sourcing
(aka PICKING...hate the way that sounds!)

We covered two counties,
but all I managed to buy was some 

and BONUS...
we met the lovely and charming
Melissa and Vickie from 

Now, I'd have been perfectly content with that,
but our time is at a premium right now,
so a day spent shopping needs to be more fruitful, you know?

We have a wonderful picker that sets up shop in the same complex
as our studio...and he treats us pretty good!

Take a look at what was waiting for me, a few doors down...
(ironic, isn't it?)

 Gorgeous, right?
This one is getting a neutral color with lots of dark glaze, I think!

 Shangri-La bedroom suite...
tallboy, double dresser, pair of nightstands, and mirror
I can hardly stand all the fantastic details...
fretwork, stunning's all good
Going high gloss lacquer for sure!

 So comfy...I nearly fell asleep in this chair today


 Amazing carved details are EVERYWHERE on this set...

Inlaid marquetry (that's wood, not paint) on the tabletop...going to salvage that, without a doubt!
Three leaves, too

 Two arm chairs, four side chairs
 I did a little research on this set
and turns out it was brought here from Belgium
I can not WAIT to get paint on this set...
I do believe it will be a project for working on at the new store!

And this little cutie...she's getting a vessel sink (and paint!)
 then being re-purposed in the powder room at the new store

Not bad, huh?  
You know what WAS bad?
Having to make room for it all! 


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