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Monday, September 16, 2013

White Out

We know, we know...
No Prep, No Prime...
chalk-type paints don't need it!


If you struggle with coat upon coat (upon coat!)
of chalk-type paint when you are using WHITE...
there is a super easy solution!


Check it out:

 Clearly, one coat isn't going to cut it!

 Two coats is better, but I'm still in for a third, maybe a fourth...
to get that opaque coverage I'm after

See that gorgeous, smooth, EVENLY covered center panel?
One coat of primer, one coat of chalk-type paint...

Applying a thin coat of primer doesn't take any more time 
than applying a thin coat of chalk-type paint does...
(and it dries quickly, too!)
and the coverage means less coats of expensive chalk-type paint, 
while maintaining the same look and feel

Give it a try next time you're struggling with white...
and let us know what you think!


  1. I use primer 90% of the time I am painting with chalk paint because I agree it does cut down on the amount of coats you will need. And primer is a lot cheaper than chalk paint so it makes sense cost wise too. And because I paint with white most of the time, I realized it definitely cut down on the amount of coats I needed to get good coverage. And I could still do distressing and get the look I wanted.

    1. It is such an easy solution, but we hear "no prep no prime" so often, we forget it IS still an option! As you mentioned, with white on white, it doesn't affect the look w distressing at all. Clearly, white primer under colored paint would have a different effect! Happy Painting and thanks for commenting :0)

  2. What type of primer do you find works best under a chalk type paint? An acrylic? Or is there something better? Just curious, Thx!