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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A day full of Wonder...

You know that feeling when your heart beats faster
and you're giddy with excitement and anticipation...

about NEW PAINT?  

That was us, today, cracking open a box of
goodies from 

Before Kenny even had the stuff out of the box,
I had a drawer in one hand, a paint brush in the other!

This line has some wonderful, exciting products 
and we had a hard time deciding which to try...
let alone which color! 

We settled on Cartouche Green
but you can check out ALL the colors here

Our experience so far?

It's thinner than what we're accustomed to, 
making it much easier to spread
and leaving the surface smooth without sanding
We typically thin down our second and subsequent coats
with water to make application easier.
Not necessary with One Step Paint!

You don't HAVE to seal the finish with wax or poly
but you certainly can if you'd like to.
The finish dried very smooth and satiny
(feel, not shine)
The look is still matte, but it doesn't have that chalky feeling
(does that make sense? I hope so!)

Dry time was lightening fast

Color is richly pigmented
(even this light green)
One coat might have been enough, but we prefer at least two
(just for good measure!)

The price point makes us HAPPY, HAPPY HAPPY!
It's $28/qt

The waxes (light and dark)
are a bit like thick pudding, I'd say...
very easy to work with.
The dark is much lighter than the dark wax we typically use,
 and is meant to be used sparingly, along the areas that might darken over time
(not on the entire piece)

That's as far as we got today...
but we're impressed enough that we are driving an hour tomorrow
to see the closest retailer with product
so I can purchase other colors
as well as some other products.

The Zinc Solution is a must-try for the tin ceiling in our kitchen,
and the Antique Mirror Solution looks like fun!
Oh, did I forget to mention the LACQUER SPRAY?

Someone pinch me...I think I must be dreaming! 
(I'll be honest...I sort of considered NOT sharing this w you...
so I could hoard it all for myself...but that wouldn't be very nice, would it?)

You can find Amy Howard at Home on FB, too...
be sure to tell them who sent you!  

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