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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pickin' in Paradise

Spent the day looking for furniture
and chasing down paint...

At the crack of dawn, we went to Tierra Verde
to look at a bedroom suite and some other items

If you're not local, let me show you Tierra Verde

needless to say, a trip to Tierra Verde is always pretty pleasant...lots of beautiful scenery!

The home was 10,000sf inside, with another 2000 of outdoor living space, right on the water

My entire home LITERALLY would fit inside their master suite...

We ended up passing on the bedroom suite,
it was pretty but not spectacular,
and it was up three flights of winding stairs
(I REALLY have to want something to navigate winding stairs, in flip flops,
carrying a 100lb dresser!)

The owners were downsizing into a smaller home
(each in their 80's) and were parting w some other great things

We did buy this settee

It belonged to the owner's great aunt, then her mother
It's getting re-upholstered and refinished, of course!
We love that it has a wonderful family history

Next stop was for paint...
I've been stalking Amy Howard's One Step and Lacquer paints for a month
but NONE of the local retailers had product...until today!

The retailer had a limited selection of colors, so I had to compromise...

I wanted Easton Green Lacquer (crisp, grass green)
but bought Begonia (hot pink)

I didn't have a plan in mind...until I bought this chair

Guess what's going to be hot pink and lacquered??  

I bought some other neutrals and some Zinc solution...
looking forward to playing around w it

Back to the grind tomorrow...
the store isn't going to ready itself, and October will be upon us w a quickness!


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  1. Hey Michele<

    Tierra Verde is one of my favorite places in FL!! You have to stop at Tony & Nello's for the best bruschetta in the entire world! On the right by the fire station.

    I am living viciously thru you with Amy Howard. I have my RIGHT hand in a stinkin' cast for 8 weeks!!! BOOOOOO