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Monday, September 16, 2013

Funktastic 70's Spanish Revival

If you follow us on FaceBook
you recall I mentioned buying a REALLY funky 
bedroom suite

We really love the IDEA 
of 1970's Spanish Revival...
Lots of great carved detail and wonderful hardware
just BEGGING for paint

The problem is that nearly every single piece we find
isn't solid wood
The gorgeous "carved" details are injection molded plastic

When we stumbled upon this set
we were THRILLED to discover
every inch is SOLID WOOD!

It's much storage!

See this chest?  It has a tallboy type piece that sits atop (not shown)

The carvings are just much detail
And the carved doors?  
They SLIDE to reveal hidden drawers!

I know, cool, right?? 

I have this "thing" about pieces that sit flush to the floor...
I prefer feet of some sort, and these pieces fit the bill

I suspect the hardware will be gorgeous once it's been gilded

The details are so gorgeous!

Not seeing the potential?
Look how well these pieces take paint

I'm leaning towards something classic but modern for this set...
stay tuned for the "AFTER"!

Kenny and Michele

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