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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Smokin' Hot Copper

Sometimes, we pick up a piece (or pieces!)
that are SO stunning already,
it's a challenge to dream up something even more fabulous

It's like we have a RESPONSIBILITY to the pieces, you know?

This bedroom suite is a great example...
pretty fabulous, right?

 All that lovely detail?  It's raised (carved OUT of the wood, not in to it!)...AMAZING!

The shape?  
Bombe and GORGEOUS

Even the hardware is special!

 Solid wood, circa 1972
by Dixon Powdermaker
(Florida company!)

I struggled a bit...nothing was really coming to me, inspiration-wise
I actually started painting the pieces a sea blue/green
when I thought "really?  That's the best you got?"

So I stopped. And thought. And thought.
then, I recalled an AMAZING table I saw
all curves, copper, and silver...
I LOVED that table!

 ~I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do~

I tackled the nightstands first, as they had so much lovely detail work

Smokey grey metallic paint makes the curves on this set really shimmer
Highlighting the details, gorgeous silver leaf

Copper brings some warmth while still being so glam

Even the hardware is spectacular on this set!

What an amazing find this was...I hope we've done it justice!

You can find this in our Etsy Shop


  1. Beautiful! Lots of great detail and love the shimmer on it. Once again, you out did yourself! How is it that you keep doing that? LOL Crazy talented!
    -Lisa@Southside Furniture Revival

    1. You're a sweetheart for saying that, thank you!

  2. This set is absolutely gorgeous!!! You are very talented and you have great vision! I would love to see your work in person...I am sure the pictures cannot capture the depth of this beauty!

  3. Beautiful, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the detail!!! Love your work!!!

  4. As I was reading the post I knew the makeover would look fabulous all of your finished pieces are. But I was not prepared for the finished product, it blew me away. I wish I lived in your area, I would be knocking on your door right now at midnight begging you to sell it to me. All I can say is stunning and who ever buys this will be dragging their company through their bedroom to show them these gorgeous pieces.
    love it love it, Tobey

  5. Fabulous as usual, what more can one say?

  6. Hi Michele and Ken,

    Greg and I are so happy to see the "after" pictures of our previous bedroom set... you brought their beauty and elegance to a whole new level...the color scheme, BRILLIANT! Glad our paths crossed... I saw your eyes light up when you first saw the furniture and you told me about your vision and your artistic talents and that the pieces had "good bones"...the magnificent transformation will be cherished for years to come...thank you for sharing your artistic journey and keep making this world a more beautiful place... thanks Ken for believing in Michele's vision and driving such a long way to make her dreams come true!
    Rebeca and Greg in Palmetto, FL

    1. such a pleasure to meet you both! I fell in love with this set the moment I laid eyes on it was destined to be mine!

    2. I sold the 2 blue headboards in my granddaughter's "Mermaid Room" and noticed on the back the same Furniture Maker label from JAX... I had forgotten they came from the same store! No wonder you loved those as well when you saw them. It might have been harder to work on those because of the tufted fabric, but seeing is believing...your work is amazing!
      We'll keep our eyes open for that style of furniture and let you know about it.
      Rebeca & Greg