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Friday, March 8, 2013

Trading Junk

We bought a set today that wasn't quite up to our standard of quality
It was Broyhill, circa 1981
that composite type of faux bamboo...
had a great look

We're so particular about quality 
but it was a great price and in terrific shape

I know the picker down the way from us at the studio 
would be able to make some money on it, 
so I bought it and traded him for some things I wanted...

 first and foremost, this dresser with two mirrors

 Mirrors are coming off, and of course, it's all getting painted

I have a vision for this...such a departure for me from what I usually want to paint!

Thinking glossy, vibrant color and shiny hardware

We also got a beautiful side chair and a Chinoiserie headboard
(sorry, no pics!)

So we ended up doing pretty well!

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