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Sunday, March 24, 2013


We recently had the opportunity to re-vamp
a room at a popular local salon...

the resident stylist had left with VERY short notice
and the salon owner took the vacancy
as a great time to give the space a new look
before the new stylists moved on in!

Here's where we started:
 My friends laugh when I say 'I don't hate it"
about things that I don't really like,
but don't deeply offend me...
like this room.

 I certainly didn't hate it, 
but it lacked any personality..
the rest of the salon is totally fun
and energetic,
filled with equally fun and energetic

 The giant mirror must weigh 150lbs
it's HUGE!
Again, I didn't hate it...
but the oil rubbed bronze finish
seemed a bit dated and sedate for the space

 The wall color was fine...
but you didn't walk past or in to the is room and go
 This is the image that reflected into the giant mirror...
a serious of Kirkland-esqe wall plaques
again, not terrible,
but not inspiring

Our only restrictions were that the cabinets, counter tops,
and flooring all needed to stay...

Here is what I pulled together for inspiration:

I had visions of Hollywood Glam
but fun and inspiring...
a room where you could walk in feeling like Peggy
and walk out feeling like Joan
 (yes, that was a Mad Men analogy)

We selected this vibrant aqua/turquoise for the walls
Turquoise has that ability to energize yet relax at the same time...
its calming but exciting...strange how that works, isn't it?
It's a touch more green than this photo reflects...
the exact color of a gorgeous Turquoise bead necklace

The aqua makes everyone's skin look rosier,
their hair, shinier...
plus, it's a happy color

That chandelier is dunzo...
but the new one hadn't arrived when we finished up the walls
Here is the new fixture:
It will be hung over the stylists chair,
and reflect into the mirror...
I love the idea of little black shades
but don't want to diminish the light
bouncing around the room

 We selected the Donatella Damask Stencil
from Royal Design Studio

(blue is painter's tape to protect the not-getting-stenciled wall)

 Black Frost added a hint of shimmer,
but it's very subtle
Every other teardrop got a glittery turquoise shade to pick up the wall color

 Here's the mirror, redone in black lacquer
Visualize that chandelier replaced with the one above...
gorgeous, right? 
The wall color really plays well with the reddish tones in the cabinetry
(I'm angling for some blingy hardware...stay tuned!)

 The once lackluster wall is now a focal point in this room...
a backdrop for clients looking at their beautiful reflection
in that glossy mirror!

Up front, this mirror had the same oil rubbed treatment...
so we lacquered it in black, too!  

Watch for more photos once the room is completely back together
including glossy black shelves, that gorgeous chandelier,
and lovely accents in black, white, silver, and coral...
Joan would be smitten :0)

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