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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Do you let small comments shake your confidence?

I have to admit, sometimes, they do make me second-guess myself!

For example,

when we first opened the studio, it was intended to be just that...a working studio
It's in an industrial park, and not really suited to foot traffic or retail.
but it has a small, cute little front room that serves as an office/showroom.
We figured *maybe* we'd use it for retail by appointment only, but we just weren't sure.
Would we offer classes? Not sure.
Will you sell paint? Not sure. 

Asking for a critique is one thing...
receiving them, unsolicited, is another thing entirely...

A well meaning visitor to our Open House said we had no focus or direction,
that we didn't know what we wanted the studio to be...
and I thought, "oh no, I don't have a set plan!"
but then I realized, it's OK for things to evolve.
Of course, focus is great. 
A plan is great.
But so is flexibility and just waiting to see what will unfold...
I went from being proud of what we've accomplished 
to feeling doubt based on nothing more
than one person's opinion.
Turns out, what I thought I wanted wasn't really what I wanted at all...
and I'm glad I didn't have a strict plan to adhere to
I think we'd be very unhappy now if we did!

Or how about when you find a wonderful piece to paint, and even though fifty people say
"whatever you do, it will be gorgeous"
it's the one or two people , with their passive-aggressive
"I'm just sayin'" comments that stick with you
and turn that elation and creative energy
into that icky feeling of having to defend your choice to *GASP* paint it
(#2 annoying statement? "If I were you..."  
Clearly, you are NOT so why are we pretending you are?)

Or what about when you finally realize there is value in what you do,
you realize you do it very well
and you're ready to have your prices reflect that...
and one person, upon seeing a higher price tag, says
"You're selling that for WHAT?!"
and you think "oh, am I crazy to think I'm worth that?"
Then you see a knock-off, made in China piece of junk that retails for $3000
and you realize even your higher price probably isn't enough

Moral of the story?
Don't let those "innocent" comments drag you down
Focus on the great comments instead! 

I try to reflect on what is there any truth in it?
No? Then shake it off and move on!

Appreciate the comments that truly come from a genuine place
and overlook the rest

Everyone won't love what we do, and that's OK
Everyone won't even like us, and that's OK, too...
if being authentic to yourself means you lose a few "friends" along the way, so be it

Truth be told, this was a little pep talk to myself
because I've allowed a few peeps to annoy the heck out of me lately
and that stops NOW :0) 

I hope you're able to relate~


  1. thank you so much for expressing this today. It couldn't have been more timely as I've had one heck of a day with just the issues you described. Thank you Thank you ,,,what an inspiration you are!!

    1. I think being an inspiration is a very high compliment...happy to have helped you through your day, just like y'all helped me through my "moment"...

  2. ... if I were you... i'd be jealous of myself...
    Love love love your words, the ease of direction your studio evolves with... and most of all the creativity that flows from you. I'm a strong believer that some people need more filters than they currently have.
    You and your work is 'worth' every penny...

    1. that was a very kind thing to say, thank you.

  3. I think anyone that does what we do can relate to this post. Sometimes I think people that make those kinds of comments are just jealous of our talent. It is your studio, it should look the way you want it to look it yours. And if you lose some friends over your decisions than they were not true friends and you are better off without them. Surround yourself with people who encourage you and enrich your life, not bring you down.
    We put alot of work in to our pieces and we should be paid for our time. I don't think anyone understands the work involved in upcycling pieces.
    We haul them home. we clean them, repair them, and spend hours painting and creating. Our prices should include all of that, but most times they don't. Is our time not worth as much as others that charge by the hour to do work. As you can see I can totally relate. love your studio and love that you have expressed your views. I love what you do. hugs Tobey

    1. Thanks, Tobey. Definitely should only surround yourself with supportive people...dump the caustic and time for that!

  4. totally relate! from Karin @ The Shabby Attic

    1. I know we all deal with this garbage...if I dwell on it too much, I'd drive myself nuts! Vent and move on, right?

  5. I'm always fond of the phrase "Haters Gonna Hate." I have to remind myself all the time because of scenarios just like mentioned that happen to all of us. This is a great post and a very important one to share to remind all of us to keep our chins up and to keep opening new doors of imagination. Your fantastically gifted at what you do SS and don't change a thing!

    1. non-constructive criticism is the enemy of creativity, don't you think?

  6. WOW! How dare someone to criticize your model of doing business! I have to admit that I have been following your blog and your work very closely in sheer admiration of not only your stellar work but the inspiration you give to so many - including me.

    I have been learning and dabbling with chalk paint (a new medium for me, the die hard latex paint chick) and along with my best friend, have seriously considered a store front and becoming an Annie Sloan dealer in another state. Before we make any decisions I have planned to call you to see if we could come visit to pick your brain!

    So.....the moral of my ramblings is to NEVER let some dummy shake your confidence. Your model is enviable!

    1. hahahaa, if you saw the state of my house or how many hours we put in to our business, you would NOT be

  7. I couldn't agree with this more! Reading this actually helped me a bit today, because I was feeling a little bit of doubt. I am learning that doubt is usually of sign of picking yourself up and proving to yourself and everyone else that it can and WILL BE fabulous!!

    Thanks for the inspiring post :)

  8. I think what you do is amazing and although I may not allways agree with what you do as a personal preference I agree that it is your business and in that respect you know best. However, in response to the comment "I'm just saying" if you actually ask the opinion of others then, even though you may not agree with their view, you have to respect the fact that you did elicit a response that is meaningfull to them even though you think otherwise. That is the way of the world and should not be taken as a critisism as long as you satisfy sufficient people to buy your inspired interpretations then go with it. You cannot and never will please all of the people all of the time only some of them some of the time. I love most of what you do, not all because I am also an individual with valid views that may not be shared by you. Please take this as a compliment and not as a negative post.

    1. didn't take it as negative at all. It's the UNSOLICITED "advice" that drives me nuts. I think that's true with most creative people. When I (or anyone) asks for an opinion, it's usually because we are not sure (thus, in doubt) so we welcome the comments when they are respectful, regardless of if they are positive or negative. We are seeking advice.

      Maybe I didn't make my feelings clear...I don't get discouraged or upset with the comments, I get aggravated (with myself) because I allowed someone's unsolicited "I'm just sayin" comment to instill doubt, if only for a SECOND. The point I was trying to make is not to let the few negative comments over-shadow all the positive reinforcement. The only person you really need to worry about pleasing is yourself; do that, and the rest will follow :0) And hey, thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful was much appreciated!

  9. I must have taken my pep talk and your comments to heart, because ANOTHER person just said "it would be a shame to paint that" and I just rolled my eyes and moved on :0) Hooray me! and THANK YOU!

  10. I could not have said it better myself. I always try to tell myself that it takes a little bit of everyone to make this world go round. Keep you head up, you do amazing work. And I agree, plans are good to have but I promise you some of the richest people on earth did not get there with a plan. They fell down and got back up and tried again until they succeeded. Learning from your mistakes just makes you a stronger and wiser person!