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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reality Bites

I love looking at blogs...
all the pretty photos with perfect lighting
and no dust bunnies
I wonder...
do people actually live there?

So, in my pursuit on non-perfection
I'm sharing with you
the chaos that is my warehouse

Keep in mind, this is only ONE side
the other side is actually worse
all the shelving is full
and there are tables on top of tables

This is not where we create
although it was supposed to be

We quickly filled up our 1100 sf space
with lovely pieces just waiting to be
recreated into something wonderful

Sometimes we go and spend the day
organizing it all
it's never pretty
but sometimes it's functional

I've taken to photographing everything
because I forget what I have

My warehouse isn't exactly "blog worthy"
yet here it is

the STAR

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