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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Drive By Shopping

I know better than to "stop in"
at my favorite shops
on the way home from work
when I really don't have
any money to spend...
You know how it is
if you have no money,
you will find things

you. MUST. have.

Case in point...
I mean, really, would you
could you
have walked away?

I saw it from the road
(the evil temptress/proprietress
puts her newest goodies out front
to entice)
and there was NO WAY
I could NOT stop

mid-to-late 1800's
perfect condition
working key
solid wood
(looks like Tiger Oak,
my weakness for NOT painting)

Needless to say, I now own it...
I have no place for it
it doesn't even match my dining room
I don't even LIKE glass front cabinets!

Will it end up for sale?
Not sure yet...
Will it end up painted?
Not sure yet...

Stay tuned...


  1. I would have done the same it is gorgeous. I would not be able to paint this even though I know you would make it look fabulous. I get the feeling that in years to come we may well regret painting some these wonderful examples of solid wood cabinetry.

  2. Good girl. Now how do you get all your stuff home all the time.

  3. Occasional's job security...down the road, we'll make our money returning them to their former "wood" glory!

    Lisa, I send my husband to pick stuff up. It works great, except for when I'm a hour from home and I buy a dresser...can't exactly strap it to my Volvo and go about my