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Monday, October 24, 2011

Collector of Loveliness

I’ve never really considered myself a collector….

my husband has hundreds of plastic model kits

Dozens of fishing poles,

a collection of antique razors,

and more military collectables

than I can keep track of

I collect antique metal frames

(the pretty, scrolly kind)

I have five…

sorta makes it a collection, right?

I was sorting through my “stuff”

over the weekend

And realized I have an entire closet

full of clothing

(more than I could ever wear!)

And dozens of pairs of shoes

(some with tags still on or worn once)

I often purchase a well-crafted handbag

or pair of shoes

Simply because I admire the craftsmanship,

the supple leather

The hue,

or some small detail

I don’t need my bag to be covered in interlocking C’s or G’s…

I just need it to be beautiful

Ditto on the clothing…

some is purely functional (of course!)

But others…

I purchase them because they are beautiful

Well –made and lovely to look at

Like individual works of art

Seems I am a collector, after all...

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