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Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby in a Box...Just add Baby!

An article on Etsy caught my eye this morning

I don't usually read the random musings on Etsy
But this one was about how the Finnish government

sends "baby boxes" to all expectant mothers in Finland

I followed the link to see

what was in the box...

and noticed, off to the left

a long list of links

detailing benefits


Maternity leave pay
Paternity leave pay
Extended pay for new parents
(this can be shared by both parents, taken by one parent
and they even give additional time for parents of multiples)
Click HERE to see what I mean!

Most of us in the States
(and other countries, too, I'm sure)
are taught to be so focused on career
and success is measured in dollar signs

It's very refreshing (to me, at least)
to see that a country takes
such a strong stance on
encouraging new parents
to be with their child(ren)
and help get them off to a great start

I realize we have social programs in the US
but most have stigma's attached
and they are viewed quite negatively

This program in Finland, it sends a clear message...

Family is secondary to career
Your work is not your life
(well, unless you are a missionary, or something else truly

On that note, I applaud you, Finland
for having your priorities straight!

(the Finnish government might SUCK,
I have no idea...but this is a cool thing, yes??)

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  1. This is awesome. My mother in law tells me up in Canada mothers get a year of paid Maternity Leave after they have their babies. My last job didn't pay a dime for even a moment of maternity leave. Actually, they replaced me during the piddily 6 weeks I had asked off. But lemons into lemonade, now I work for myself and have never been happier! But did you know that the US is 1 of the only 4 industrialized nations IN THE WORLD that doesn't have laws/programs about this? Crazy. Go Finland!