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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dunedin Antique Market

We spent the morning meandering around
our own little neighborhood
Today was the bi-annual Antique Market

See that fabulous frame (wood) at the end of this row?
I really wanted it, to make it into a chalkboard
but alas, she was asked more than I wanted to pay...
nice selection of vintage windows, too

I was surprised (in a good way)
to run into a fellow vendor from
South Tampa
She mentioned she might be getting some authentic
European grainsacks from her son,
who is in the military
She brought them with her today
and I bought them both
will share pics of my finds later
She has another, and is getting
more graphic ones in December...woo hoo!

It was a lovely day,
blue skies and a nice breeze
82 degrees with moderate humidity

I didn't buy too much
just the two
Euro grainsacks,
one feedsack,
a printer's tray,
a wood chair with carved roses
a mini Eiffel Tower

Oh, and lunch at Cabana!

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