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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

pour moi....

Sorry for the less-than-blog-worthy photo
My Fuji is having issues
and this was with my Blackberry

I love this.
I don't keep much.
Not sure why I am so drawn to this piece, but I am.
I paid too much (by my standards)
I'm going to replace my pantry and use this
(well, "pantry" isn't accurate...
we use a depression era hutch with the door removed)

Guess I'll have a Depression Era Hutch for sale real soon!
(did I mention I just painted it two months ago?)

And guess what?
I'm NOT painting this.
Can you believe it??


  1. It is very nice, and every once in awhile you do run across things that don't need paint! Even tho it is a hard habit to break--thinking everything would look better with a fresh coat! LOL...that is beautiful just the way it is!!!

  2. NOOOOO..... : D It is beautiful!!!!!!!

  3. I love it as it is but no doubt if anyone can make it even lovelier it is you!