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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our little corner of the world...

I'm usually running at full-speed,
and even with boundless energy (hahaha)
I still hadn't carved out the time
to make our space at Summer House "OURS"

It looked OK, but was really just a room
full of unrelated painted furniture

I wanted some soft pieces, like pillows
(have I mentioned I HATE sewing?)
And a more cohesive look

Customers should want to stay awhile, and just visit
(and then just purchase...!)

We finally committed to nearly a full day,
and I'm happy with the results
(OK, so I'm happy enough, for now!)
The paint on the walls still bugs me,
and I need to bring over
my huge jute rug,
but there never seems to be
enough hours in the day

(maybe less time on FB and more time being productive? Nah.)


  1. I looove all the shades of blues and greys!!


  2. Hiya cutiepie! How are you? Nice to "see" you...

  3. Your blog inspires me. And I LOVE the photographs you take. I wish I had a nice background to display all my creations with. Great job.
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check it out!-