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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Your Heart's Desire

I decided to do something a little different today....

I want to bring everything wonderful home that I find...but space doesn't allow that.

I couldn't pass this set up when I saw was tucked away in a storage unit, not even for sale

I must have looked very distressed over owning it, because the owner let me pay for it, and leave it for nearly two weeks until I could make room for it

I really didn't make room for it, but I wanted it with me before he changed his mind!

We started packing it away for a future project when I thought...wait!

Let's list it as a custom order!

Inevitably, when I list a suite, I get do emails asking me to separate it or requests for a custom order in another color.

Perhaps this will alleviate that.

But back to this it gorgeous or what??

I usually am not a fan of a room full of matching furniture but I would totally go for this!

I have a whole dining room to paint...maybe I should make that a custom, too, since I can't seem to settle on a paint color!

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