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Thursday, June 30, 2011

We're Moving!

I'm pleased to announce that Stiltskin Studios will be relocating our retail space to
Summer House Marketplace in the very near future!

Summer House Marketplace

If you've been to Summer House, you'll immediately understand why...

It's a FABULOUS space full of amazingly talented vendors
It's clean, smells nice, and is bright and open...all the things I crave!
Did I forget to mention it's also full of outrageously gorgeous items?

Whenever I walk in, I feel at home.
You know, like how you feel at Pottery just want to sit down with a magazine and have a cup of tea and stay awhile...right there in the store.

Our initial plan was to close our existing vendor space and focus on our website and our Etsy business...we gave our notice and starting planning.

Fate intervened, and Summer House had an opening.

Who could say no to that??

If you are local or semi-local and you've never visited Summer House,
I suggest you immediately do so!

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