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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Goodies and a Dilema

I'm in the habit of perusing Craigs List each morning and each night. It's an addiction, I realize. Sometimes, I find treasures, though!

Case in point: this amazing set. It's Bassett, circa 1952. Versailles Collection.

So what's the dilema, you ask? I've been dying to do another large piece in a gorgeous "commitment" color, like Duck Egg Blue, or Provence. I found this server. Perfect.

I sent my husband to pick it up while I went off to my day job. An hour later, I start getting texts about a dining table and four chairs. Of course I want them!

An entire blue dining room is a BIT much...should I just go for it with the server and do the dining room separate? Do the whole set in Paris Grey and white? Black and sand sounds very elegant and French...hmmm.

Suggestions, anyone?


  1. I love Paris Grey and white! That is my vote, for what it's worth ;)

  2. I think I may just have to buy another dresser to do blue..just a dresser, nothing else! I keep finding great sets...I have an AMAZING French Provincial bedroom suite coming home this weekend...and I'm sure I'll struggle with color on that one, too!

  3. So I think I'm going black with the unusual choice, I think. I still haven't committed to it, though! Paris Grey on the dining set...I think the combo would make a very elegant dining room without looking too "matchy matchy"!
    Maybe I'll do a lovely mirror to tie it all together, although whenever I have a grand scheme like that, the pieces all end up with different