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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I did not paint these. But I want too....

I really really really want to paint a French Armoire...for keeps.
I have no room to store it, no time to paint it, and nowhere to put it when it's done...
But none of these things matter, right?


  1. I just bought a vintage French Armoire and I am trying to decide what color Annie Sloan I should use. It is very much like the top picture. I picked it up at an auction for 100.00. I will be selling it but I would love to have some advice on paint colors. I love your furniture.


  2. After I recovered from the initial reaction of HATING YOUR GUTS for scoring something so wonderful for practically think Paris Grey would be lovely. Or Old White is always popular! Annie Sloan has a lovely armoire pictured somewhere on her website...take a look. I think, since you taunted me with your fabulous find, you are obligated to share a "before" photo. PLEASE!!! M~