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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marble Topped Goodness

Sadly, I did NOT get a "before photo of this little lovely...
I purchased it from our neighbors at the shop
(oh, I bet they have a photo!)

Anyway, we decided this would make a lovely addition to our home
a cute little mobile kitchen island!
(the white marble top had me at "bonjour"

Our style at home is quiet, with lots of details you only notice upon closer inspection
We wanted this piece to look really old, a little dirty, and overall sort of soft and relaxed

Our dining area is a pale blue, 
and our kitchen is Luxe Grey and White 
(Amy Howard Home One are all the other colors used on this piece)

We first painted this piece with Nottoway
(two coats)
then one coat of Cracked Patina

The Cracked Patina was left to dry for about 30 minutes
(instructions say an hour or more but you know how that goes around here!)

On top, Luxe Grey, dragged and cracked for an aged appearance 
followed by Clear Wax

The finishing touch, of course, is Dust of Ages!
We really concentrated around the key holes, 
as they would have received lots of wear

We used wax and Dust of Ages to "age" the knobs...
we wanted them to have that powdery appearance old metal sometimes gets

(of course, I photographed the ONE handle that was missing a brad...figures)

We love, love, love this piece!

Unfortunately, it only fits in the spot I had selected for it IN MY HEAD
In reality, it doesn't fit AT ALL

Now what?  Not sure.
Maybe I'll find another spot for it in my house, maybe it will end up for sale
at 607 Vintage Marketplace next month...who knows! 


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