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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Atlanta Market

We hopped off the roller coaster long enough
to jump on the tilt-a-whirl known as 

We attended to represent Amy Howard at Home

We've been to Atlanta many times, but never downtown
Atlanta is a gorgeous city!

This was home for 8 days...
a circa 1905 home full of charm

Located on storied Piedmont Street,
 the house sat well above street level, as most homes in this area do

There was a set of stone steps leading up the the walkway, another set of brick steps to the porch,
and of course, winding steps leading upstairs to the bedrooms

I'm mentioning this because on DAY ONE of Market, Amy broke her foot!
Stairs weren't happening...Amy and Gene had to secure a hotel
(at the last minute, during Market...yep!)

We did enjoy sitting on the front porch, looking at the Atlanta high rises through the trees
but missed visiting with Gene and Amy

We dined at Ray's on the River and White Oak
Both were delish, but White Oak is MY KIND OF PLACE

From the design to the season, farm to fork food...I was smitten!

Amy and Gene both made it to the showroom EVERY DAY, broken foot or not!

Now in a permanent showroom, the space looked AMAZING

I was surprised to see such BOLD use of color...I LOVED IT!

These lacquered display cabinets are available for retailers...
doesn't the product look gorgeous? 
Really, the packaging is just too pretty not to showcase

 This represents Lacquer, One Step, and Toscana...
all stunning, authentic finishes in their own right
but easily used in tandem to create fresh, exciting looks

 High Performance Lacquer Sprays...yes, please!
Amy introduced a new product at Market...Bright Idea Clear Lacquer Spray
It's used OVER One Step to give a high gloss finish

We worked every single day from 8:30a until well past 6p (8p Fri-Sat)
and the showroom was PACKED!
We didn't see too many showrooms
(AmericasMart is 7.7 MILLION SQUARE FEET)
but really enjoyed what we did see

The days literally flew by...talking about paint, teaching about paint,
and painting all day are pretty close to ideal for me
although my feet would STRONGLY disagree...

I have SO much more to share, but frankly, I'm tired!
We've not been home for 24 hours yet and my workload is ready to topple over!

Watch for new colors, custom mixes, 
and some new painted pieces on the blog throughout the week!

Have you been to AmericasMart?

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  1. rest up michele! can't wait for your ideas. lovely to meet you!