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Friday, June 13, 2014

Opportunity knocked...and we answered sure has been CRAZY around here!

Are we moving, aren't we moving?
Is the store staying open? Closing?

Ken likens the chaos to feeling like you are jumping off a diving board...
those few seconds when you are still up in the air, anticipating hitting the water

Yeah, that sounds about right!

There has been lots of upheaval and indecision...

Have you ever felt this way?  
Have you ever had the answer simply arrive? 

We've jumped off the diving board, taken the proverbial "plunge"
and guess what? The water is calm, refreshing, and lovely...

Kenny and I, aka Stiltskin Studios
are now the Business Development team for 
Amy Howard at Home in Florida!

I know, super exciting, right?

It's NO secret we LOVE this brand and all that it represents

We are honored to be involved at this level

In the coming months,
we will be transitioning to the role of  Distributor
for the entire state of Florida

What does this mean, exactly?

We will be closing our shop in Tarpon Springs
(in July)
We are working with another shop in Tarpon to carry
Amy Howard at Home products
(so no worries, locals!)
and we will be placing our pieces
in the soon-to-be-opened
607 Vintage Marketplace

607 Vintage Market is an AMAZING concept
we're so excited to be involved!

We'll be keeping our Tarpon location, however, and
it will be converted to our offices and warehouse for now

Ideally, our studio and operations/distribution center will be consolidated into one location
We're on the hunt as we speak!

We will still be painting pieces, but they will primarily be for sale
on our website
or via our Chairish shop

Additionally, we'll be doing lots of blog posts and FaceBook features
showcasing cool products, techniques,
and of course, pretty finished pieces!

We will be working hand-in-hand with the Florida Amy Howard Home family
We'll be teaching classes, attending special events, oh gosh, all kinds of cool stuff!

More updates as things progress!

In the meanwhile, if you need paint,
come see us in Tarpon in the next few weeks!

Kenny and Michele

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  1. good for you both, congratulations!
    yes, i do know the diving board moment, there right now