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Monday, June 23, 2014

What's Happenin' Hot Stuff?

We wanted to offer you an update!
(and YES, I did quote Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles...what of it?)

We've been knee-deep (actually, more like chest-high!)
in Amy Howard at Home all week

Speaking with potential new retailers,
getting new retailers established,
and working to help our existing retailers grow their businesses
Throw some painting into the mix, and yeah...we've been busy!

But it is AWESOME
These products...they just make me HAPPY

Sharing what we love is what we like to do most
Sharing, teaching, seeing that 'A HA" moment 
when someone realizes they CAN DO IT
it's so gratifying

We feel very fortunate to be aligned with such an amazing company

But enough gushing...on to the nitty gritty

Our retail doors will be closing on Friday, June 27th
What does that mean if you need product?

We have a new retailer in the area who will have all your favorites
as well as continuing to offer classes and fun events

There will be a week or so "lull" between their receiving product
and us being out on the road, so if you need paint, 
please email us and we will be happy to meet you!

Our location will stay the same, but it's converted to our office up front,
and our training/workshop area in the back

We have several new retailers coming on board,
 and we can not WAIT to share w you who they are...
you'll be as excited as we are about it!
More on that once the ink is dry, as they say

We're crazy excited about moving in to 607 Vintage Marketplace next month...
we hope you'll attend the grand opening and come visit!

You'll be able to find our refinished pieces at 607, in our FaceBook Store, 
and via our website
( I am updating our online shops today, I promise!)

We are so fortunate to be able to share this journey with you...thanks for following along!


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