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Friday, January 17, 2014

French Script Bergere

You know that saying...
If you think hiring an expert is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!

In this case, the amateur is ME, and I'm SO happy I passed this chair
on to an expert for the upholstery work...


Here she is, naked
(the chair, not the upholsterer...this isn't THAT kind of blog!)

Dated blonde wood, and she has shiny taffeta 
striped upholstery in a lovely shade of pale peach!

I painted the frame in Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint from Amy Howard Home
 over a coat of Fluff from Dixie Belle

Why the two paints?
Fluff is the best coverage from a white paint I've ever seen
but I wanted the smoother finish One Step Paint provides

Once dry, I waxed the entire piece with clear carnauba wax
before going back over the details with more wax
in small sections,
applying Dust of Ages from Amy Howard Home
before the wax was completely dry

I adore the way Dust of Ages gives an aged patina 
without really changing the over-all color of the paint
Dark wax tends to warm up white quite a bit, and I didn't want this for this chair

Isn't the fabric great?  
Cream and dark grey imprinted with French graphics...PERFECTION!

Speaking of perfection...the self-welt trim is amazing...
it looks so high end

I love how this pieces mixes with the soft hues of the dresser in the background...
and how about the  back of the chair?
see it peeking at you from the mirror?

Dark grey and cream chevron offers a graphic impact

I purchased these fabrics quite awhile ago, and used the chevron to line a hutch...
leaving a small amount of extra...very happy it was enough to do the back of the chair!

Like the dresser in the background, this chair matches my home a little TOO well...
it would fit seamlessly into my living room

If I still own it in a week, I do believe it's coming home with me!

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