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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Murphy's Law

Our day started out normal enough...
we got up early to drive to Sarasota
for an AMAZING bedroom suite

We arrived without incident
the set was gorgeous
the people were lovely

on the way out, Kenny noticed the front tire needed air,
so we stopped at the gas station and filled it up

We stopped at the outlet mall
were I ogled handbags at Coach and Michael Kors
and bought an adorable shirt at Saks
(half off the clearance price, yeah baby!)

Did I mention the heat index today was 105?
Clear skies meant no rain...and also no reprieve from the sun beating down

To get from our studio to Sarasota, you have to cross the Sunshine Skyway Bridge
The original bridge was hit by a barge or tanker  in 1980
the new bridge is VERY tall...
(431ft tall)

We paid the toll, and started up the bridge

Midway up, Kenny said
"that tire isn't good, I hope we make it across the bridge"

We did not

The tire blew


There is an emergency lane, but it is very narrow,
and you are right up against the concrete barrier wall
(less than waist high on me)

It's a LONG way down...
did I mention I'm afraid of heights?

The bridge is part of the Interstate, so cars are FLYING past you,
very close

We decided to keep rolling on the tire until we reached the end of the bridge
or until the rubber gave way and we started riding on the rim
If that happened, we'd call AAA
otherwise, we're capable of changing a tire!

Basically, I had a bird's eye view off the side of the bridge, all the way down

We saw a pod of dolphins playing, 
which lessened my panic about being so close to the edge a LITTLE

We drove the entire span at about 3 MPH
not even kidding...
about an hour later
not even kidding...
we reached the bottom, and found a spot to pull off safely

(doesn't get much flatter!)

Changing the tire on an F250 is not fun, and it's not easy
one problem after another presented itself,
and an hour later, we were finally on our way
(I had the important job of standing over Kenny w a golf umbrella to block the sun)

As we were riding along on the Interstate, Kenny laughed and said
"Hope we don't get another flat...I don't have another spare"

Well, you can guess what happened next! 

Five miles from home, a different tire blew!

We had no choice but to throw in the towel and call AAA

All this drama for what, you ask?

Made by Dixon Powdermaker, out of  Jacksonville, FL
Circa 1961

(see those details in silver?  Its' carved, not painted on!)

The Triple Dresser was simply too large to get a decent photo of
(I was willing to invest about two minutes in photos before I spontaneously combusted!)

Was it worth it?  

Heck yeah, man! 


  1. Oh the things we do! NIce set though!

  2. Your complete dedication inspires me. Mom

  3. You both are lucky to see the same way! I mean you both love furniture and are happy with your find no matter how many flat tires you have!! The set you found is heavenly!!!


  4. Why is it that when you break down, it's always in the worst place? I live in MD and there are always people breaking down on the bay bridge. Not before, not after, ON it.

    My ex-DH's F250's wheel came OFF on the bridge. That was a frikkin' mess!

    I like your furniture, though. Even in its original state it's quite attractive! Great job. I look forward to pictures, even though I'm a bit late reading this.