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Friday, August 16, 2013


I grew up in the late 70's and was a teenager in the 80's...
you know what that means, right?

Lots and lots of PURPLE!

Purple eyeshadow, purple eyeliner, purple leg warmers,
purple jumpsuits with big shoulder pads...
purple bikinis with matching sunglasses

and of course, His Royal Highness of Purple...

If it wasn't purple, I didn't want it!

It's taken me quite awhile to come back around to purple...
but now I favor a more bohemian version...
with a touch of grey for a sexy vibe
This sure isn't 1980's purple!

We custom mixed this color using a little of this, and a little of that

The hardware is divine, don't you agree?

We really wanted the smokey grey trim to stand out, 
so we outlined the top and bottom lips in 
glamorous silver leaf...the contrast is dramatic and eye-catching

Wondering about that fabulous grey metallic?
It's from Modern Masters!

How lucky am I to have found these gorgeous lavender roses?
The dresser is so lush, a dozen just wouldn't do!

Love this dresser?  You can find it in our Etsy shop!


  1. That is STUNNING!

    1. Thanks! Even though we are pretty fearless w color, I had visions of a giant Barney the Dinosaur purple in my head with every stroke of the relieved it all worked out!

  2. You guys keep raising that proverbial bar and out-do yourselves with each and every piece! Magnificent is all I can say! You are the rock stars of the furniture world!

    1. hahaha...starving artist is more like it! (aside from my diva-ish rockstar

      Seriously, thank you. What a lovely compliment!

  3. This piece is AMAZING!!! I came home this weekend with two dressers, cabinet, and one hutch top (for the double dresser). I have a guest room a very pale shade of that color (I was a 60's purple child and could not believe I picked that smokey lavenderish color for that room~~I totally hear you on that issue!). I am going to do the hutch for that room (not sure of the color yet) but want to do that silver you used for detailing and top--may even attempt the leafing at the bottom and somewhere on the hutch. The room eventually will have a daybed and be "my" sitting room. Did you use the Pewter for that or did the glaze make the silver go that dark? I hope you don't mind me asking (totally understand if you don't want to divulge any secrets, that would be fine too), I am in love with your work! Wish you the best in your new location, it looks wonderful! Thanks and God bless.

  4. oh, great scores! The dark grey metallic is called Smoke from Modern Masters. Awesome product!

    1. TY! I didn't see that one on their website, put it in the search bar and see all the metallic colors now... OH MY! I have several stores nearby~~so excited!