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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Design Hyperactivity Disorder...

September is almost upon us, and work is starting in earnest this weekend
at the new retail digs!

While it is all very exciting, can I tell you what stresses me out

Which direction we want to do, aesthetically...
See, online, things don't need to go together, 
because they are viewed individually, on their own web page
but in the shop, they space will be viewed as a whole

The problem, as it were...
is that we LOVE so many different styles!

While I adore grey, white, neutrals, with some rustic elements,
I feel like it's been done to death

We want our space to be different...unexpected...inspiring
helping people imagine their spaces in a whole new way
(sort of like what happens to me every time I go to HomeGoods!) 

The trick, of course, it to do 
boho chic, 
mid century glam, 
French farmhouse, 
Paris apartment vibe
without it being ONE HOT MESS! 

A riot of color, texture, and pattern
that doesn't' give you a migraine! 

Here's some inspiration 

(hmmm...noticing a theme here...perhaps PINK is the key!)

See what I mean?  All over the place!
Narrowing it down will be quite a challenge!

Of course, we will have a mix of finishes and styles
and hopefully, we can somehow make it all work!

Wish us luck!

Kenny and Michele


  1. I have always loved how the Crown & Crumpet tea shop looks:

    The pink checkerboard floor makes me smile.


    1. Love it! Very Cath Kidson, don't you think?

  2. From a 'customer' perspective…I like pics 4, 5 and 6! Pics 4 & 6, I think, would most suit your creations!

    1. Thanks! We do many pieces our blog and FB followers never see...high gloss, more modern, etc. My goal is to fit that in w the pieces we are better known for. Therein lies my headache...making it all work! I appreciate your feedback so much!