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Friday, January 18, 2013

Vibrant Turquoise Hutch

We finally got around to finishing up this gorgeous hutch...

The outside is GORGEOUS Cobalt Milk Paint
I have to admit, they are my favorite milk paint company
The colors are fresh, vibrant, and original
and the paint mixes up like nobodies business
Plus, they are just nice folks
and Stiltskin Studios likes to support nice folks

 We love, and use, all sorts of paints
nothing distresses as authentically as Milk Paint
The pics don't lie...
it's hard, if not impossible, to recreate this look with other types of paint
We keep our technique a bit of a secret, so I can't share that with you,
but we sealed this with clean and dark wax  glaze on top (very, very thin!)

Oh, did I mention it came with the original key??  

Inside, we chose a crisp, clean white lacquer
It really sets off the heavy distressing, fretwork, and glorious, vibrant color
plus, the lacquer is hard and durable, 
so you can pile in the dishes without fear of scratching the surface

I'm presently working on a chunky farmhouse table in the same Cobalt Milk Paint...
cant' wait to share that with you!


  1. I love this. Distressed turquoise is fantastic. I will have to check out the Real Milk Paint Company. I've tried milk paint a few times, but never from them and I've sort of just been so-so about it. I think it's the colours....I like bold and hadn't found it in milk paint yet.

    1. Kelly, you are right. The colors do tend to me more "historic" and like you, I want bright, vibrant, and super saturated color! Real Milk Paint has a great selection. Lots of bright blues, teals, a fabulous red...although I'd still like to see more!

  2. You nailed this piece! The color is fantastic. The cream/white interior sets it off perfectly. Always love your distressing.

    1. Thanks! Kenny (husband) did the distressing on this one. He is the MASTER when it comes to distressing milk paint. His technique is amazing and I just can't seem to copy it!

      The color makes me very happy, indeed :0)

  3. This piece really took my breath away - Stunning!! The color is so unique and vibrant, which is sometimes hard to find with milk paint. Your work is a constant source of inspiration for me and you are so so talented. Thanks for sharing!