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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting Buggy

Although I do try to keep our Blog focuses 
on the fun stuff
Sometimes, things just BUG me
and I am compelled to share...
and then I wonder...
why share?
so it can BUG you, too?
Now, that just seems silly, right?
Guess I'm silly, cause here I go!

I was just perusing my newsfeed and my eye wandered down to someone's rant.
 It's not someone I follow, but someone I do follow must have "liked" it or commented on it. 
Basically, it was criticizing large, successful bloggers. 
One got the impression that the writer found them to be lacking because they hired out the work,
 or their sponsors paid for it. 
I haven't a clue who the person was speaking about
or the actual circumstances

Firstly, even when the writer has a point,
 it's virtually impossible to not come across as catty and jealous
Why not celebrate others success
and applaud them?
I think this is especially true with Bloggers
Even the mega-huge Bloggers started out with a few words on a page
they were sure no one was even reading
Who am I to fault them reaping the benefits 
of their hard work, good luck, and creativity?

But aside from that, I was left wondering,
after I read the rant and the comments...
What's so wrong with hiring someone to execute your vision
or being successful enough to have sponsors willing to foot the bill?

In any industry or business venture, there (hopefully!) comes a point 
when you are so successful, you HAVE to get help

Now, to be clear, if said Blogger(s?) claim to have done the work themselves,
that's a bit of a grey area (to me, at least)

Let's be realistic:
Do you think every famous (or even not so famous)
chef, decorator, stylist, designer
does EVERYTHING you see their name attached to?
I'm guessing not. 
I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart doesn't personally make EVERY single item
you have ever seen photographed for her books or magazine
She probably has the concept 
(the vision is the part that is hard to teach, right?)
and someone else executes her idea
(the execution of the idea can be taught, usually!)
but I wouldn't expect Martha to tell everyone all about it
(Martha is just the best example I could think disrespect meant!)

so what do YOU think?
Is it completely wrong for famous Bloggers to get help to see their ideas come to fruition
or do you expect that they had help
(personally, I love to think they had help because then I, 
by way of comparison don't seem like a total slacker!)



  1. I like your point of view, and I am of the opinion if one does not have anything nice to say then restraint is best! ;) Nobody asked their opinion, so ... well... I just think a little nice goes a long long way!
    I would hire someone in a heart beat! I just can't keep up! Trying to be 'jill' of all trades and keep my sanity is an oxymoron!!! Plus... my marriage and keeping my kids happy is priority one! ( for what its worth! )

  2. I think it's inevitable, at some point.

    The ranter also mentioned that she felt like the Blogger(s) were just peddling whatever their sponsors sent them, and I do find that to sometimes be true, and yep, it's annoying. I really don't want to hear about your vacuum or toaster (that you got free for a plug) if you blog is about furniture or design. It's gotta make sense. If you really love paint brand X, and paint brand X sponsors you, it make sense, you know? I'm sure it's easy to get caught up in being constantly offered free stuff :0)

    1. no one asked my opinion, either...HAHAHAHAHA

  3. I really like your blog any advise to someone who wants to start one but just doesn't know how to go about it! It all seems so confusing to me! Eileen.