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Monday, October 22, 2012

Task Master

I didn't get to paint AT ALL last week...
so today, I made up for lost time!

Kenny's been knee deep in a custom order
with a dresser that basically needed rebuilt
from the inside out, 
so I've been in charge of all new goodies...
hard to do when you aren't available to paint!

I planned on painting a desk
but it needed some work...
"find something else to do for a few hours"
was Kenny's reply...
"it will take that long for the glue to dry"
so he went to work fixing the desk for me,
and I went to work perusing our warehouse
for projects I could complete in one day
(no dining sets or armoires today!)

Project #1

 As you can tell, I REALLY LOVE

 I also really love Craqueleur


Project #2 was the mirror...sorry, no close-ups!

Project #3

I used the same custom-mixed chalk paint color 
on this table, 
but no dark wax...
I really love the silver against the Sable Grey!

Hoping to get a new dresser posted by the weekend...
fingers crossed!

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