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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where do you find all this stuff?

Another question we frequently hear,
usually from our clients is
"where do you find all this great stuff?"

I admit it...
we do really find some great stuff!

So here's a quick run-down of where we shop
and where we don't...and why!

Of course, Craigslist is the BEST!
I can look from home,
see a photo, and if you ask lots of questions,
you pretty much know what your in for
before you make the drive...
It's virtually a "sure thing"
We often drive over an hour away for a good piece!

Thrift stores are our next favorite resource
but they can be tricky...
you can spend all day and come home empty handed...
and sometimes the prices are C.R.A.Z.Y...and not in a good way!
I've seen beat up "antiques" priced at over $500...
the trick here, of course, is to develop a relationship
and be persistent...
I once wanted a desk that was priced at $750...
I told the manager to let me know when he was ready to sell it for $70
"Yeah, right" he said...
but guess who ended up buying it two months later for $70? 

We have such great relationships with a few shops 
that they will call us or put things aside for us
that they know we will want
It's a beautiful thing!

We do sometimes venture into antique shops...
again, relationships are key...
the shops we frequent sell us pieces that need some love...
more than the shop owners want to deal with
so we end up with great pieces
at great prices!
Sometimes it's a mirror without a dresser
or a table with a beat up top...
we've even purchased half an antique table
and turned it into a desk!
(an antique shop purchase...the buffet was long gone!)

Were don't we really shop?
Yard sales just aren't our thing...
it's rare to find great antique or vintage pieces
and yard sale-ing usually eats up our whole day
with very little pay-off...
Your neck of the proverbial woods might be different,
but here, yard sales are mostly newer items,
clothing, toys, etc...

We also do NOT participate in curbside rescue...
and here is why!
(yep, this is for real...I noticed it curbside while 
doing my rounds for work...)

Now, I realize it's only a few steps/days before that 
Craigslist score can end up curbside...
and most homes do NOT look like this disaster
(bet the neighbors LOVE that sign!)
but loading up potentially infested
furniture on the side of the road
just does not appeal to us!
Some of my friends find fantastic things curbside...
it's just not for me, you know?

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