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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chartreuse (aka Pea Soup)

This lovely
except is was COVERED 
in bright gold GLITTER paint
yep, I said glitter

It's solid wood
super heavy
and the carved details are really cool

The obvious choice was to paint this mirror
in a soft, "shabby" color
to compliment the carved hearts and flowers...

...we try to avoid the obvious choice

Coat one went on...
Kenny painted it in Hunter Green milk paint
now, I do love green, but the dark color
seemed to obscure the details too much
so while he was busy with something else,
I mixed up some deep aqua milk paint

You can see it peeking through here and there

It was pretty, but I really was craving something different!
I mixed up a crazy concoction of milk paint until I got a color
that resembled chartreuse


Completely different, unusual, and vibrant
while still being elegant
Good thing it's still a shade of green, 
otherwise I'd have an unhappy husband to contend with! 

We did a bit of distressing, toned down the vibrancy 
a little with Dark Wax
(for a tutorial on waxing, click HERE )

It's a bit classic, a bit funky...
and a bit unexpected

Just like us!


  1. Beautiful as always. You are a master! Always love the aged details you create.

  2. Looks so lovely....and I'm not even a huge fan of peas! ;) Beautifully done, as always.