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Monday, July 30, 2012

La Sur

Let me preface by saying this project took
considerable time,
was messy,
was a little stinky,
was hot,
and was completely worth it!

I've really been into blues lately...
ok, that's a lie...
it's not really "lately"
Turquoise is my birthstone
and also my FAVORITE color

I knew what I wanted
for this set...
bold color, lots of texture...showstoppers, basically
What these photos don't capture well
is the almost translucent quality of the colors
like you are looking down into deep, clear water

We stripped the top back to bare wood
until it was silky smooth with no sander marks
before applying three coats of stain and sealant

We painted the whole set in two coats 
of a custom mixed turquoise color,
The plan was to apply Milk Paint over the top
in a rich, bright blue
We expected the Milk Paint to crackle and chip
revealing the ASCP below

What a surprise it was when the milk paint
crackled itself AND the chalk paint underneath
right through to the wood! 

Of course, it was a dream to distress
(OK, the Milk Paint is a LITTLE earthy smelling...get over it!)
and the outcome makes me VERY happy indeed!

Kenny says the headboard reminds him of Pangea,
slowing drifting apart...
Yeah, I can totally see it

( in "before we lugged these BEASTS down two flights of stairs!)

We're completely thrilled with the outcome, 
and even more thrilled that we found yet ANOTHER way
to use our beloved 

We can't wait to try it again...
I've already cooked up the color combo in my head!

We hope you enjoy viewing the photos!


  1. Gorgeous it is a little bit of everything....distressing, crackle, color and dimension. Fabulous !

  2. Thanks y'all! This was a really fun set to work on!

  3. Beautiful job - distressed perfection!

  4. This is exactly that: show-stopping! I have been wanting to use that shade of blue for a while now, so as I came across this post (and your blog for the first time) I was blown-away. This is amazing! Probably one of the most inspiring pieces I have seen, to date!!! Any chance on revealing, or hinting, at the colors used/mixed?! Thanks for sharing {picking jaw up off the ground} hehe :)

  5. I am in love with this piece! I found you on Etsy and will be paying close attention from here on out! I refinish old pieces as a hobby where I live in NH and although I adore bright, bold finishes I haven't had the guts to finish one in this way yet. Seeing your work re-ignited my fire though. Great job!