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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stencil 101

We don't do too many tutorials...
but sometimes, we get so many questions about the same topic
we decide to tackle it...

 "What's the best way to stencil?"
Is one of those questions!

But, alas, you see...
we're no experts on stenciling!

Do you know who is?
The folks at 

Regina, who works with RDS
(you might know her from Fauxology)
was gracious enough to offer us an impromptu class,
sharing Melanie's techniques and tips
so our tutorial would be full of great info!

So here goes:

 Step one:
Start with the proper tools!
(We can't emphasize enough
what a difference these tools made!)
both from 

 I like to use adhesive spray, but
Frog Tape works great, too!

Apply a LIGHT spray of adhesive
before placing your stencil

 For this project,
we chose
(we have an actual furniture project planned for this stencil,
this was our trial run...!)

 You'll want to have a rag or paper towel handy...

 barely dip your brush into the stencil creme or paint
(or just use the don't need much!)

Now swirl your brush onto your rag
to remove the excess paint

 (excuse my wax-stained hand!)
Your brush might seem like there is nothing on it...
but as illustrated here,
it's plenty!

 Once your brush is ready,
you'll want to apply the creme in a swirling motion
like little circles with your brush
(A great tip we learned?
Start your swirl outside the area to be filled in
so any extra bits get worked out
before the paint touches the open stencil area)

 For the stem, we used Stencil Creme,
but for the blossoms, we wanted
soft we used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
(did you know Royal Design Studio is a Chalk Paint Stockist?)

 We hoped to demonstrate what happens when you 
use too much paint, and just brush it on instead of swirling...
see all that bleed through?
(also note, the Stencil Creme still looks perfect,
even though we attempted to do that wrong, too...
not sure you CAN do it wrong with these cremes!)

 For the second branch, we did as instructed,
barely filling our brush
before blotting off the excess

 The Cherry Blossom Stencil comes with a variety
of stencil sheets, so you can create your own pattern...
we simply waited for the first to dry
(the cremes dry almost instantly, and ASCP is nearly that quick, too!)
then placed the next one...
LOVE that we can create our own unique pattern
based on the piece being stenciled! 

 Clearly, following the directions is the way to go,
because THIS branch appears almost airbrushed,
it's so crisp and lovely...
this is with NO touch-up!
Gorgeous, right?

(Be sure to remove your stencil before the paint is completely dry...)

 Even though this was just a sample board
(plywood, no less!)
we wanted to finish it off properly,
after distressing
Notice the wax did NOT remove
 the metallic Stencil Creme...
which is unusual, 
We've used lots of other metallic products,
like gilding wax and Rub-n-Buff
but you can't wax over them
which can be a bummer

The final step to insuring your next project is perfect?
Clean your brushes right away, 
and clean your stencil right away, too!

The Stencil Cremes are formulated for easy clean-up
We simply placed the stencils on a flat surface and gently 
sponged off the paint
If you're not using Stencil Cremes
or you are a total slacker and don't wash them right away,
try Simple great!

 Once they are dry, we'll store these on our stencil wall
with tiny nails...
I know, you don't have a stencil wall...
No worries!
Just be sure to store them flat

This was a really fun project
and it's tremendous how much
easier it was to do
and how much better
it turned out
with a little instruction
and the proper tools and products! 
We're really looking forward to tackling the bigger project
with this stencil...

...and you KNOW
we will be ordering EVERY COLOR
in the Stencil Cremes!


  1. Great tutorial! That was a very informative night...who would have imagined that using the proper tools and products would give better results? lol. Why oh why do I resist the rules so much?
    Nice blog post. Definitely pinning & sharing this one!

  2. I'm not a big rule-follower, either, but in this case, it worked out well!
    thanks lady!

  3. Fabulous tutorial!!! You got it hands DOWN. :) It was SO wonderful to work with you while teaching that impromptu class. Look forward to keeping up with each other! We'll be pinning this and sharing!

  4. Wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing, I have some stencilling projects coming up so great timing to find this post.
    Debbie :)

  5. Good stuff! I just love stencils and probably go overboard on them. Recently I've had several people ask me how I do them, or if I had any tips so they could do them well.

    How timely! So of course I had to share a link to this on my page and then threw in my 2 cents worth.

    Thanks for such a nicely presented tutorial!