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Friday, August 24, 2012

Burnishing Paste...LOVE!

We had some fun this week
playing with Milk Paint from

We love Milk Paint
(don't worry, we still love our ASCP, too!)
and this piece was very well-suited to Milk Paint

It was solid wood, the varnish was old and mostly gone
and we didn't care if it got all chippy and crackled...
in fact, we hoped it would!
We selected Pearl and French Grey

We usually seal our Milk Paint projects with wax
but Dwayne from RMPC encouraged us to try
Burnishing Paste

It comes flat or low sheen
we chose low sheen

It has a very creamy consistency and spreads very easily
No buffing was required...
just brush it on and leave it alone

RMPC has a great tutorial,
so if you'd like to learn more about how to use this product
visit them on youtube

We were very brave,
 and decided to give the paste a whirl
over ASCP

It worked great!
It doesn't buff to a sheen like Annie's wax
but it did spread well and protect the surface

Emboldened by our success with the paste,
we decided to apply dark wax over it to see what would happen!

More on that Sunday :0)


  1. You know.. I love how free you are to play and create!

    1. Thanks Michelle! It's only paint, after all, right? The piece I was playing with was first going to be pale grey, but I was bored with that after I painted it, so then I had this "brilliant" idea to do a metallic ombre! that was an EPIC fail, so I now had a bronze and silver hot mess on my hands...enter Old Metallic tops...nope, didn't like it after I finished it! My husband told me if I didn't stop playing around with it, he was going to hide it while I was not looking!

  2. I think it look great. I actually prefer less of a sheen.

    1. Have you used it? It's great, we were quite surprised how much we liked it!

  3. fabulous finishes!

    smiles to you.


    would love to have you stop by and/or follow!

  4. Great job! It looks awesome. I've never used milk paint. I think I need to!! I'd love for you to share it at my linky party, Twirl & Take a Bow at I think it would be a great addition! Hope you can join!