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Monday, July 30, 2012


I did a hard thing
over the last two weeks

I stopped conversing 
with people that bring nothing but
drama and frustration
into my life
Can I just tell you,
it's been WONDERFUL!

Building a small business is hard work
(as many of you know!)
and we need to give and receive
all the support and encouragement
we can 

I've learned there will always be
those people...
the ones that pretend they are happy for you
pretend they are impressed by you
but once your back is turned
the truth emerges
(doesn't it always?)
The hard part, sometimes,
is figuring out who REALLY is on your side,
who is on your side as long as it benefits them in some manner,
and who is not on your side at all

Once you've figured that out,
I encourage you to just 
STOP allowing these people to cause doubt
STOP allowing them to shake your resolve
STOP allowing them to rent space inside your head
~wish them well, and send them on their way~

because once you STOP
they become powerless
and you, my friend


  1. I love this. It is so true and unfortunately why I quit spending a lot of time conversing with people via social media when I had the retail store. It just felt like I had people coming at me from every angle and I allowed them to get into my head. I don't handle that type of thing well. I am glad to hear that you have come to a happy place with it all. Congrats and I know you will continue to be a huge success.

  2. I too LOVE this. You have it right - "Ignore the haters", as my teenage daughter would call them. You are beyond talented and you have MORE than earned your place in the sun with the fabulous pieces you have created. Your love of what you do, your brilliance and your honesty inspire me and I thank you! Unstoppable will not even scratch the surface for you my friend! xo