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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Open House...Hooray!

 If you couldn't make it out today,
we missed you!

 We've (mostly) finished the gallery and studio...
I still want to add more mirrors
and a few other accents
but those can wait!

 For all intents and purposes,
we are ready for classes!

 We've incorporated some of our favorite items
and used them to stage the gallery...
most are for sale
some are not :0)

 I pulled up the other day
and Kenny had cut cardboard "curtains"
and taped them to the window...
I thought it was so cute,
I decided to use Annie Sloan Paint
to reverse paint on the glass
I'm not the fine artist my husband is,
but it turned out sweet 

 It dawned on me that every piece
we featured was done with Chalk Paint...
wonder why that is? 
(ok, we all know exactly ROCKS!)

Yep, that's a toilet below...
I wanted to show off my awesome floor!
ASCP, of course, 
with Lacquer on top (two coats)
It's been three months now,
with ladders and work boots on it..
not a single scratch!
 Outside the gallery is our wareouse...
lots of wonderful finds, awaiting paint!

 and our infamous ceiling!

 Next to the warehouse is our actual studio space...
where we get to paint and such
(yep, that's ALL paint...and there is more underneath)

Kenny keeps his tools immaculate...
all the time! 
I, on the other hand, am like a tornado
It's nice to have someone to reel me back in 
(or clean up after me, as is often the case!~)
In case you didn't know,
we're very loyal customers to the brands we love
so I wanted to give a shout out to Dewalt
whose tools are our favorite
and to Annie Sloan/ Annie Sloan Unfolded 
whose paint and products inspire us every day

We had a wonderful day with family and friends!
We're proud of all we've accomplished
and we're looking forward to what the future may bring
for Stiltskin Studios

On another note, we've been so swamped with the studio preparations
and fulfilling custom orders that we've not gotten much listed lately...
watch for that to change next week! 
We hope you've missed seeing our new goodies more frequently :0)


  1. It looks fantastic! Great job. I wish I was lived close by. :)

    1. Thanks Nicole! We're pleased with it the outcome so far! It's in an industrial warehouse space, so it was big challenge to create a cozy, inviting spot!

  2. Wow I am soooo impressed, ya'll kicked it out. Did you say class?? I'm ready!

    1. Leigh, the A/C isn't installed in the studio/paint area classes probably have to wait until the weather cools off a bit unless people don't mind. I'm used to it...the fans keep it tolerable and it's cooler that you'd expect, but not sure that will work for people who aren't accustomed to painting in their garage/driveway/backyard in the hot sun!

  3. Everything is just perfect!! Congrats my friend, and hoping you much success!!

  4. You guys are amazing.....follow you on FB and of course here! Congrats on all your accomplishments and I am so sure there are plenty more in store for you.

  5. Let me know about your classes.... I am in Naples too far away?
    Love your work.
    Faye Hunt

  6. How fun and good luck to you and all my congratz and fortune for the future :))) pssss I love the floor at the wc..