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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pressboard needs love, too

I purchased this desk
against my better judgement...
I knew it had some pressboard
but the elderly woman was so sweet,
I really wanted to bring her little desk new life

I custom mixed a lovely blue
(it's not nearly as bright as these photos!)
and got busy...

As you can see, I got about 90% done
I painted inside the drawers
waxed the outside...
I tried, really, I did!

But I just can't do it.
My rule is solid wood only...
and although this looks darling
and has survived nearly perfectly
since 1960
I can't, in good conscience,
sell it
and ship it

Because I know I'd be disappointed in the quality
and my other rule is
I only sell things I'd be proud to own...

So this little cutie is going on Craigslist
or maybe I can find a little girl
in the neighborhood to love it...

This was my inspiration
along with my custom mixed color...
I think I'll save it for another piece...
I do have a lovely vanity awaiting paint!


  1. might have a few buyers who would love to buy your normal pieces, but can't afford them. This could be the 'Target' version. I think it looks great!

  2. Thanks Lisa, I'd just be concerned someone would buy it expecting our normal quality and then they'd think all our pieces were of this caliber...don't want that! I'd rather see it go to a local little girl that needs a pretty desk!