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Friday, March 9, 2012

Pour Moi...

I'm ready to do some work
in MY dining room
The piece above
and the piece below are both candidates
(I also have the table and chairs that match
these, but I don't adore them
enough to keep them)

I also own the set below...
clearly, all of these need paint!

I have numerous other Frenchy sets
and two farmhouse tables
as well as a gorgeous Empire set
Too many choices!

Below, some inspiration pics
I've saved over time...

I love the mix of warm wood
with the cool neutrals

I adore the photo above
Frenchy table, slip-covered side chairs
and I'd add two caned chairs at either end
(my husband will KILL me
if I go this route, as we've
already had slip-covered chairs at the table
and they get dirty FAST!)

This is identical to the table we have now...
I love it, but I'm over it, if you know what I mean!

I'm craving a bit of color lately, too...
trying to "ride it out"
as I fear it's just Spring Fever
and as soon as I paint a hutch green or blue
I'll wish it was grey or linen...

In any event, this is my weekend project...
that will probably carry over through the rest
of the MONTH!
(hopefully I can get a few items
painted for Etsy, too!)

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