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Monday, September 10, 2012

Gustavian Collection Pantry Hutch

 We've been drawn to Swedish and Country French antiques lately...
the neutrals that are soothing and beautiful
the weathered, aged paint...
yeah, it's pretty much all good! 

The paint on this piece was inspired by the antiques that 
we'd love to have in our own home
This piece took much longer than I anticipated...
funny how that goes, isn't it?

We opted for Pure White
which contains no pigment
(cause, you know, it's WHITE...)
which meant three coats

Then, we clear waxed the whole thing
before using two different colored waxes
for an old-world look

After waxing and distressing the entire piece,
we decided to stencil a gorgeous French poem
on the back-board...
I wanted white words on Paris Grey
I used a stencil cream I purchased at the craft store...
and it seemed to work great...
I applied clear wax!
Bye Bye white stenciled poem!
Moral of the story?
Only use stencil creme from Royal Design Studio!
(which is also where the stencil came from)
Did I mention I also painted the words upside-down?
It normally would not have mattered, 
this board is attached not only on the perimeter,
but also along each shelf
so the holes from the nails didn't line up

We clearly had to repaint!

We changed to French Linen
then applied a dark wax glaze
As you can see, it worked out wonderfully!

This is such an unusual piece...
we love the fact that it's not huge,
but still tall and offers lots of storage
not to mention visual impact!

This piece is available in our Etsy Shop


  1. WOW - my God that's just gorgeous!!! Beautiful job with the antiquing - this is as chateau French as they come!
    Beautiful job

  2. I love what you have done with this piece..can't stop looking at it!!
    I have that stencil and it is large..did you have to take the back off to do the stencil?

    1. Yes, we always pull the backs off if we can. It makes painting not only the back, but also the inside and the shelves, so much easier! I'm glad you like it :0)

  3. This is beautiful!!!
    Great job on antiquing and stencilling.
    I love everything about this hutch....Scandinavian,'s just right up my alley:)
    I'm your newest follower, it'd be great if you can follow me back!

    1. I'd love to, can you tell me the name of your blog or share a link?

    2. My link is

      Hope you can visit sometimes!:)

  4. This piece is just amazing! Love the stenciled words especially.

  5. Wow! That is sooo beautiful!! I love the stenciling!


  6. such a great use of the french stencil! i have it too and love it.

    smiles and hope you'll visit soon.