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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Good Stuff!

607 Vintage MarketPlace has almost been open a week now...
Everyone's spaces are looking really great!

"Smalls" are my biggest challenge...
I don't enjoy buying them, really
and my personal aesthetic is a bit more streamlined
too much "stuff" and your retail space begins to look cluttered
too little, and it looks sparse

Like Goldilocks and the porridge, 
there is a sweet spot that's JUST RIGHT

Of course, smalls can carry you, as a retailer,
 between larger item sales
They are, in my opinion, a necessary evil! 

My ideal smalls?

Loads of Ironstone, rusty metal bits, hunks of architectural salvage
pretty pillows, and a few pieces of tarnished silver here and there

My goal is to work on smalls this week!  

Here's a glance at some of the new items from our space:

Loving this antique child's vanity 
I imagine it in an entryway, 
sort of like a hall table/mirror combo only with WAY more character!

We're CUCKOO for painted clocks!

Wicker isn't usually my "thing"
but the high contrast, chippy goodness
on this original paint piece made the cut!

 Perfectly beachy!

(just because they're beautiful...and the coral looks amazing with the aqua in our space!)

The following pieces are NOT ours...
we just wanted to share some more of the amazing creative finds at 607:

 This table is easily my FAVORITE piece in the store!

The previous pics are in Jenni's space
Jenni is the owner of 607 Vintage MarketPlace as well as Marcotte's

I don't personally know the two vendors who own these spaces...
but they look wonderful!

Gorgeously creative pieces from Kelly of Furniture Flair

Vintage gorgeousness from Cat of Nantucket Farm

custom makes these stunning metal and wood works

There is SO much more to see...
32 vendors under one fabulous roof...
and Marcotte's is right across the parking lot 
for EVEN more goodies!

The shop is open NOW
and the Grand Opening Event
is Sept. 13th from 6-9

Come say HI!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quick Tour...

Stopped by 607 Vintage MarketPlace today
to drop off a few items
(and to see what goodies everyone else brought in!)

Thursday is THE DAY...!
(unless, of course, Largo doesn't cooperate!)

I thought I'd share a few more preview photos...

 Used Modern Masters on this charming little coffee table

LOVE doing these mirrors...
Lacquer on the frame, Antique Mirror Solution to distress the glass...
the mix of glossy, shiny, and distressed/aged is perfect, don't you think?

The detail on the mirrors is just stunning...but hard to capture in a photo!

  Pretty, shiny things...

 lots and lots of pretty, shiny things!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

607 Vintage MarketPlace Preview

We've been diligently working on our new vendor space at

It's coming together EXACTLY like I envisioned...
I couldn't be happier!

We still have a few days worth of work to do
(painting, know how it goes!)
but I wanted to share a glimpse with you!

 Hardware going on tomorrow...
and how cool is that arrow?  

 I'm still SWOONING over our washed pallet wall!
(and how about those adorable growth charts on the left?)

 This mirror is already getting tons of attention...I don't expect it will last too long!

 Silver leaf nightstand...awaiting antique wax (tomorrow!)

 custom lighting

We didn't want our new retail space to just be a 
duplicate of our store

Because this space is smaller, we were able to really edit our look
It's sort of beach house meets farmhouse meets chateau...
but somehow, it all really works

We certainly hope you'll pass us a visit!

607 Vintage Marketplace opens on Friday, 8/15

See you then! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pallet Wall

We've been hard at work on our new retail space at 

I have to admit, this is BY FAR my favorite space EVER...
I love it even more than our retail store

I can't wait to share lots and lots of photos with you! 

Our first project was a pallet wall
We planned on doing a pallet wall in our space in Tarpon Springs,
but then Kenny was in a motorcycle accident
and we went the quick and easy route instead

I didn't want the warm honey tones that pallets sometimes have
I wanted soft whites, greys, etc...

I used a variety of products to achieve the look I was after

Liming Wax from Amy Howard at Home
worked wonderful on the pallets that had a more pronounced grain

For the other pieces, I diluted the following:
Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint
Custom mixed greys using One Step
Remis Grey Toscana Paint
Pompeii Grey Toscana Paint

Here's a sneak peek...
we're saving the finished product for our "big" reveal
once our space is staged...

Don't forget...if you're local,
is Friday, August 15th! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

High Performance Lacquer Spray...where have you been all my life?

Need a make-over in a minute?
(ok, maybe more than a minute...but FAST!)

I was dreading painting all the nooks and crannies of this 
gorgeous TWIN headboard

This piece is solid metal, painted in enamel, circa 1950's
It was pretty dirty!

I thought it would be an ideal candidate for 
in gorgeous BELIZE

To prep, I simply took the headboard out back and hosed it off
using the highest pressure setting on the nozzle

Then, I left it to dry in the sun...
(which took about 10 seconds in this heat!)

Once dry, I spread out cardboard and laid the headboard down
(I've found that spraying with a piece like this straight up and down 
makes for missed bits)

The nozzle on the Lacquer Spray is like no-other...
it sprays in a FAN, not in a circle like most spray paints
and the nozzle turns...yep, TURNS!
You can adjust it for spraying horizontal or vertical

With spray paint, slow and steady wins the race...
you're not applying hairspray!

Side to side, releasing the nozzle after each pass

TA DA...the finished piece!

The shine is incredible...and this is BEFORE the Bright Idea Clear Lacquer Spray...
(you can add this for even MORE shine and an added layer of durability)

I used one can for this headboard..not bad, right?
(When I've done dressers, I've used four cans or more, based on size)

This project took less than an hour, including hosing it off!

If you're intrigued by Lacquer, but intimidated, I urge you to give it a try!
Successful spraying does take a little practice, but pieces like this are so forgiving

Be Brave and Have Fun!