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Friday, September 14, 2012

all in a day's work

As I watched my husband
meticulously cleaning out
the inside of each new piece today,
I was impressed...
Which got me to thinking...
I wonder if people realize how much work
goes in to each of our pieces
before we even pick up a paint brush
I mean, I know people realize
that it takes time to go find it,
pick it up,
and lug it back to the studio...
but then what happens? 
With the influx of
"no prep-no prime" paint,
you'd think we just drag the piece out
and commence to painting, right?

Yeah, I wish!
These pieces are rarely in good enough condition as-is...
so we remove each drawer, scrub it down, disinfect each one
then re-stain them before waxing the rails so they open and close smoothly
and smell clean and fresh




Clean drawers seem like a "no-brainer"
but how many times have you gone in to a shop
and eyed a super cute dresser
only to find sticky drawers that won't open?
And when they finally do open? 
Gunk, funk, and paint drips...
All the hardware gets a soapy bath, too

Once the drawers are clean,
we scrub out the "guts"...
yes, I realize probably no one will ever see inside the dresser
but who knows what resided in there prior?
We also wax the rails inside the dresser
(you'll NEVER get sticky drawers from us...never never never!)
At this point, we scrub down the exterior with our secret weapon
(which I will not be sharing at this time, sorry!)
before making any repairs to the body
Repairs can be tricky...
we don't want to remove too much character
from the piece
but we don't want it falling apart, either! 

So once ALL this is done...
finally, we can paint! 
And that, my friend, is another post all together!

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  1. You are SO right - I think many of the people that buy re-loved furniture have NO idea the amount of work that goes into it. Then there is always the piece that is missing some hardware - and the whole matching/coordinating thing of finding compatible hardware - ugh! But like you said "that is another post all together!"