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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chinoiserie Chicness

this rather boring, faux bamboo mirror
somehow made it's way
in to our studio...
I was just NOT feeling it
but Kenny wanted to paint it...
"go for it" said I
(with a dramatic eye-roll added for effect)

Boy, did I miss the boat on this one!

 It's nothing short of fabulous!
Chinoserie isn't really "my thing"
but as I saw this mirror  being completed
I started imaging it in a less literal setting...

 Mixed with other Chinoiserie pieces
but lots of more modern  pieces, as well

It fresh and attention-grabbing...
a little bit glam,
 a little bit classic and refined

 I was so inspired by this mirror,

I can see it now...
I'm already trolling Craigslist
for other Chinoiserie pieces!

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