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Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Shy Violets Here!

this dresser...
it doesn't have a ton of fancy carvings
or too many frills...
but that is why I love it so

The subtle beauty of it
the long, tapered legs
the slight serpentine body
the elegant hardware

The fact that it's Hendredon
really pushes me over the edge!

I debated on doing a more subtle color
but really, why? 
The simple elegance of this piece was just 
BEGGING for something different

I perused Pinterest for color inspiration...
I knew I wanted a sophisticated purple
Very smokey and sexy and grown-up
if you're interested, here is the Pinboard

For the record, my husband and partner, Kenny,
was NOT on board with this color
When I said "Purple"
he envisioned deep, regal purple
with gold hardware
Me? Not so much!

I mixed up this custom color using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
then applied a glaze over the top using glaze base and pigment 

The top, well, it gave me some trouble!
My plan was to strip it  and re-stain it in that lovely
weathered wood look my friend at Stellar Junk does so well

I mixed up my staining concoction
and started stripping the table

All was good until towards the back,
 a HUGE burn mark materialized!!

I considered stenciling over it, making the top striped...
just wasn't working out at all...
so bummed!

Not to be discouraged, I mixed up a custom grey
then topped it with the smoke glaze


Such an elegant, sexy piece of furniture!
I've decorated the entire room this belongs in...

Velvets and silks, some crumpled linen perhaps
a chandelier, dripping in crystals
(check out the lavender one on my board!)
dark walls and a soft rug

plush, lush, and dreamy...

Available in our Etsy Shop


  1. Both colors are luscious; would you share how you mixed them?

  2. Very old Hollywood to me! Think you made me love violet! lol~ Would love for you to link up to My Monday Muse at Carter's Cottage
    Have a great day!

  3. Absolutely love this and have just shared it on my FB page .... wish I was nearer, because I'd be straight over there to buy it. Fabulous work!

  4. Gorgeous piece. I love the color. Never though of using purple on a piece of furniture and must admit that it does look very sophisticated and sexy.
    Will you share how you mixed the colors?

  5. Definitely gorgeous. My sister had walls that colour once. Her light brown furniture looked terrific with it. Another colour that contrasts well is a watery green. Great job.

  6. Please share your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color recipe! :) I'm hoping to replicate this weekend.