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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flyin' Solo

I woke up early this morning...
well, early for a Sunday!

Before I could be persuaded otherwise,
I put on my paint clothes and laced up my sneakers...
only to find Kenny dressed and ready...
to go pickin'

Not to be dissuaded, I sent him on his way while I happily went off to paint

The guy has got skills, what else can I say?

Would you look at what he came back with:

 A cute little frame

 Why yes, that IS purple corduroy!

 BOTH of these wonderful tables...
I can't decide which I love best!

 although, the wood grain pattern on the French one
makes a compelling argument in it's favor

and this little bit of cuteness...
with original hardware! 

With this addition  of the these items, 
plus the 9 drawer dresser
vanity, two nightstands, and mirror
we brought back yesterday...
out of room!

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