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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Widdecomb Wonderfulness

I'm usually a bit of a Craig's List junkie...
but I've not perused in a while
(like, three or four whole DAYS!)
I had BIG plans to spend the day painting...
you see, I'm *THIS* close
to finishing a giant French dresser

but this morning, I decided to have a peek on CL
and just look what I found!

There is a gorgeous mirror, too!
Very few pieces make my heart skip a beat anymore...
we purchase SO many amazing pieces
but this set was simply BEYOND

The set had been listed for a MONTH
without a single person coming to see it...
are people CRAZY??
How I missed it for that long, I'm uncertain...
but they re-listed it this morning...
and I saw it minutes later.
Fate, right?
This set was DESTINED for us...
(doubtful that fate and destiny concern themselves with furniture purchases, 
but WHATEVER...)

Not only is it clearly GORGEOUS,
it's also Widdecomb
Highly collectible, highly stunning!

Check out the hardware...
it's cast brass

and would you just LOOK at that hand painted detail!

We purchased this from a sweet lady and her mom
It originally belonged to the young lady's grandmother,
 who purchased it new
right around WWII...
They are moving on Monday, and since they had no takers
and didn't want to see it go to Goodwill,
we got for a VERY good price!

The dilemma, of course, is to paint or not to paint...
on one hand, it would be stunning painted

on the other hand,
the original paint has so much charm and history...

such decisions!

Could you paint over this?
Or would you clean it up and see if you had any takers??


  1. OMG i am green with envy.... and yes, i think i could paint over it because it's just not my style. BUT i could definitely see not painting over it, too.

    1. Cassie, I think I'm going to go for it! I'm a painter, not an antique dealer, right????

  2. Wow, that is one stunning set!!!! I am super jealous! I would definitely paint it...

  3. There is a reason why no one came to see it for a month. Paint it! Your'e right, you're not a dealer or a collector. Can't be worth THAT much, can it??

  4. What about redoing the tops and sides and leaving the flowers? I think they are pretty!

  5. Beautiful. I understand your dilemma, the details are awesome but I have to say I would love to see what you would do with these pieces because your work is outstanding.

  6. Gorgeous...jealous! I hate to say paint it...but I think I would paint it. I'd also find a way to keep the flowers and make them work. Maybe a few color washes over them to fade them out...or maybe a soft stripe over the flower pattern allowing the flowers to peek through. Then the rest of the pieces a clean, fresh paint job.
    Can't wait to see what you do! Keep us posted !

  7. Try selling it without painting over it, and if it doesn't go, you know what you'll have to do. But give it a chance and promote the feature it already has in being hand painted.